Windshield Chip Repair on a Budget

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A lot of chipped windshields can be easily fixed from home with a few simple tools. Windshields are made of multiple layers of glass and rubbery transparent surfaces. When chips occur, it’s almost always the outer layer that has been comprised. Your local NAPA Auto Parts is proud to carry chip repair kits that include a syringe filled with an epoxy or acrylic solution that will be used to fill the crack in the outer layer of your windshield. Before you apply the solution, make sure to clean the area thoroughly of any dirt and debris then allow the area to dry.

Once dry, make sure to fill the entire area of the crack with this solution and let it dry. Once dried, you can simply take a razor blade and skim the windshield to clean any extra solution that is leftover. By sealing the crack, this should make sure the crack doesn’t expand.

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