Keep Your Windshield Clean of Bugs

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Tired of all the bugs and debris on your windshield? Keep your windshield clean with a few simple steps from NAPA Auto Parts. First and foremost, make sure to wash your windshield thoroughly and wipe it dry. Then you can apply various products like Rain-X water repellent, Prestone Bugwash, Sea Foam Bug-B-Gone or other products available at your local NAPA Auto Parts.

Rain-X Water Repellent is typically used for helping to repel rain from your windshield but it can also create a much needed bug barrier. It makes your windshield much easier to clean and is far less likely to grab debris and bugs because the surface is smoother and slicker. To apply Rain-X, wash your windshield but leave a slight moist layer on then apply the Rain-X, let it dry until a film forms, then buff it off.

After adding Rain-X, make sure to fill your wiper fluid with Prestone Bugwash. Bugwash is designed to fight against any road grim and windshield splatter common with normal driving conditions. Bugwash also has a chemical that creates a slight barrier on your windshield similar to Rain-X to protect your windshield from bug splatters.

Another great option is Sea Foam’s Bugs-B-Gone which is a chemical spray you apply to your windshield, wait just one minute then start your windshield wipers and fluid. Bugs-B-Gone breaks down the acids of the bugs and eats them away in a matter of seconds. It’s also good to use on removing road grime.

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