Keep Your Engine Running Cooler

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With the hot summer temperatures a lot of questions we receive at our NAPA Auto Parts stores is “My vehicle is running hot, what can I do”? There is literally dozens of different things you can do but here but we will focus on a handful of simple fixes that can be purchased at your local NAPA to keep your vehicle running cool when the temps are staggering.

First thing and one of the easiest to do is simply remove your air filter and check for cleanliness. One of the most common issues relating to your engine running hot or warmer than normal is a dirty air filter. Your engine needs cool air and a lot of it to make horsepower and run efficiently, when the air filter is dirty or plugged up, your engine starves for air and doesn’t run as efficiently.

Exhaust wraps are typically used on racing engines to keep the engine bay area and the engine cooler. Exhaust wraps are placed on the headers or manifolds and hold heat in the headers rather than letting the headers radiate the heat into the engine bay creating even more heat in that small compartment.

Along the same lines as exhaust wraps, we have ceramic coatings that can be applied to the headers, exhaust manifolds, intake and other engine components. The ceramic coating works just like the wraps in-which is keeps heat inside the products rather than letting it radiate out into the small engine compartment.

When was your last tune up when you had your electrical components including the spark plugs, plug wires, coil packs, etc.? If you have an electrical issue this could lead to a misfire which leads to decreased engine efficiency and an engine that has to work harder to produce the horsepower required to make it down the road. Direct contact with extreme heat can burn plug wires and coil packs which causes arcing, resulting in a loss both fuel ecnomoy and power.

Radiator efficiency is another place to look for heating issues. Make sure to check your fluid levels at least once a week and make sure your running the proper the cooling solution in your radiator as per your manufacturer’s manual. If you are following the manual to a T and still have some issues, we recommend a radiator flush by a professional to clean your cooling system of any debris.

When was the last time your water pump was changed? If you own a vehicle that has over 150,000 miles you might want to think about a new water pump. The more water you can pump to your engine, the cooler your engine will run. Today’s highly efficient water pumps are a must have for any older or higher mileage vehicle to keep your vehicle running cool.

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