Engine Tips for your high mileage vehicle

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high mileage vehicle

Don’t get skimpy on your maintenance schedule for your vehicle, make sure to keep your engine running in tip top shape with some simple DIY tips. Your owner’s manual will contain the proper maintenance schedule for your vehicle including oil change intervals, tune-up schedule and more. If your owner’s manual specifies changing the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles, make sure to follow that. As oil ages, it gets thinner which means less lubrication for your critical engine components.

High mileage engine oils have ingredients in them like conditioners, antioxidants along with wear and friction additives to increase the life of your engine. Most companies use a viscosity modifier that means the oil won’t lose viscosity as quickly as a conventional oil. Why is that you ask? Because high mileage vehicles need the oil to stay thicker longer to protect engine parts.

Most manuals will also include a tune up schedule and what should take place during each tune up. The most common is a simple spark plug and ignition wire change. If you have coil packs, those should also be changed out per your manual or if a problem arises.

Check your air filter every couple of oil changes too, if It’s dirty then your engine might be struggling to get air to it causing it to run a little rougher than normal. 

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