Don’t Skip your Next Oil Change

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oil change

Skipping oil changes can have harmful consequences for your vehicle’s engine. Clean motor oil is essential to your engine’s longevity and keeping up with scheduled maintenance will keep your vehicle’s engine running longer and smoother.

Oil changes are one of the most simply tasks a DIY mechanic can do at home, you simply need an oil filter wrench, oil, a drain pan and possibly ramps to drive the front of your vehicle onto to give you better access to the underside of your vehicle’s engine.

Vehicle’s oil change range is between 3,000 and 10,000 miles depending on your manufacturers specifications. Going a few hundred miles over isn’t going to hurt your engine but going thousands of miles over will eventually. As oil becomes used and old, it starts to form sludge and gets thinner and runnier because it’s losing viscosity which means less lubrication for critical moving engine components.

To change your oil, simply run your vehicle for approximately 5 minutes to heat up the oil then remove the drain plug on your oil pan and let the oil drain into the drain pan. Once all of the oil has drained from your oil pan, remove the oil filter. Place the drain plug back into the oil pan, place some oil on your finger and run the oil around the rubber edge of your oil filter and put the new oil filter back in. Once everything is tight, add in your oil. 

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