Don’t Ignore your Safety Recall Notice

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When you receive a safety recall notice from your manufacturer, you should immediately contact a licensed professional to order the part and schedule an appointment. Included in your recall notice will be instructions on how to take action and where to take your vehicle.

The good thing about safety recall notices is that the entire repair is covered by the manufacturer so there is no cost to you the owner. Once you schedule your repair, the dealer will let you know when the part arrives and schedule your appointment. During your appointment, the service department will also make sure your vehicle is up-to-date with all other safety recall notices. If you don’t respond to a safety recall notice within 8 years, then the repairs become your responsibility.

Three of the most common safety recall notices are air bags, child related equipment, and fuel/cooling/wiring systems. Back in 2009, Toyota had to replace millions of Takata air bags when they started exploding during every day driving. Sometimes a recall doesn’t involve a vehicle, it involves the products you put into the vehicle like a child car seat. In 2014, Graco recalled 3.7 million car seats due to the release button becoming stuck. As for fuel systems, recalls have been enacted due to faulty fuel lines or connections causing fires whereas fan blades on the cooling system have been known to break and fly out of the hood of the vehicle. Wiring systems also can be faulty leading to headlights shutting off at night or even sparking and causing a fire.

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